Our primary form of worship is Contemplation which has a long history in the Christian tradition. Most contemplative practices emphasize silence and really aim for deep listening to God and the Holy Spirit. Through contemplative practices one removes obstacles that distract from the Divine presence and reconnect us with our source. Transformative life provides a place for communion, silent prayer, & Lectio Divina (a meditative form of scripture reading) amongst other forms of prayer.

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New Monasticism

Our discipline is born out of the emerging New Monasticism movement composed of individuals seeking to immerse themselves in contemplative lifestyles dedicated to solidarity, service, practice, and a focus on following their vocation. New monasticism incorporates many of the values of traditional monasticism however it is embedded in contemporary life and not separate from it.

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Deep Ecumenicalism

At Transformative Life although we are part of the Christian contemplative and monastic tradition we welcome all visitors and participants regardless of religious participation or identity. We are profoundly blessed to practice and worship with you. We are a center of prayer, worship, and meditation and do not undertake in heavy theology.

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